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Low Carbon Racing

AR Motorsport are highly conscious of the fact that motor racing produces carbon emissions, which, if it wasn’t for the will of the competitors, would not otherwise be emitted. This is coupled with an acute awareness, due to Andy’s day job as an M&E Services Engineer, of the importance of carbon emissions being addressed and reduced as far as possible.

For this reason, AR Motorsport have and will continue to invest in carbon offsetting projects to redress the balance of the CO2 directly emitted by our activities. This year the initiative has planted 5 trees in projects involving local schools in the Northwest of England to offset the equivalent CO2 of all of the race fuel and transport fuel consumed during the season by AR Motorsport.

Further measures include ensuring that as many replacement parts are reused from existing cars rather than made new and the used tyres are disposed of via environmentally friendly routes and where possible re-processed into activated carbon and alternative fuels.

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Please Gamble Responsibly

The penultimate round of the 2019 Mini Challenge Cooper Championship saw Andy and the Flying Panda visiting a rather wet Donington Park.

The National Circuit was the configuration to be used for the three races over the last Saturday and Sunday of September. For those unfamiliar, the circuit is located at the end of the East Midlands runway and gets rather slippery when wet due to the ‘Av-gas’ residue dropping from the departing aeroplanes.

Testing on the Friday saw changeable conditions with the rain so heavy at one point that the lights at the end of the pit lane were not visible.

Starting in 10th for a dry Race 1 after a disappointing qualifying, Andy was working hard to gain on the battle between Manning and Norman in front. This battle proved fruitful as Andy took advantage of them as they slowed each other down in a daredevil manoeuvre passing between them. Unfortunately they both returned the favour on the final corner to put Andy back in 10th following a DNF for Michael Paul.

Two green flag laps were the starting orders for Race 2 due to a change of conditions to wet… or at least damp which led to a difficult tyre choice. Unfortunately the start was delayed due to a colleague hitting a barrier on cold slick tyres.

Andy sat on the grid remembering that he had seen rain approaching on the radar prior to getting in the car. The decision was made to change to wet tyres making Andy a pit lane starter - essentially at the back of the grid.

The gamble paid off as conditions worsened during the race which left those on dry setup as sitting ducks. Andy picked them off one by one until disaster struck after carrying too much speed and an early turn in to Redgate destroyed the chances of another podium finish. Seventh was therefore the end result.

A wet Race 3 got off to a disappointing start with lots of wheel spinning and an early gear change resulting in Andy falling from 7th to 11th before Turn 1. This remained the order of things until Michael Paul had a spin at Redgate and Adrian (now Andy’s regular battling partner) met an unfortunate DNF in the gravel at Coppice (not my fault this time!).

So another weekend of highs, lows, gambles that paid off and tough lessons - what’s in store for the finale at Snetterton on 19th and 20th October???

The highlights video from Donington can be found below. Like, subscribe and comment on YouTube to let me know what you’d like to see more of.

A Trip Up The Mountain

Saturday 8th September saw the Mini Challenge Cooper classes convening at Cadwell Park for another day of intensely close racing. Following changeable conditions for testing on the Friday, Saturday was set fair with glorious sunshine and the odd scattering of cloud.

Qualifying went smoothly, however Andy and The Flying Panda could only manage 8th place in qualifying. Having only had around 40 minutes of testing to increase pace through the formidable Goose Neck and off camber Barn corners - there was plenty of speed left in the bag. Unfortunately, due to the Championship Regulations 8th place quickly became a back of the grid start as a hangover from Croft just three weeks previous.

Race 1 got off to a rather embarrassing start the Flying Panda baring its rear end to world after the boot lid opened while exiting the assembly area - thank you George ;-). The Scrutineers quickly rectified my race engineer’s mistake and the start procedure commenced on a tightly packed grid - it felt like we were two by two rather than the more familiar staggered grid.

Race 1 finished as it started for Andy with a closely packed rear of the grid, all faster than each other at different parts of the circuit, however, not enough of a difference to commit to a move. This was coupled by slight apprehension due to the previous trip into the gravel (Croft). Andy left with a souvenir after some debris flicked up from the track and left a circular shatter on The Flying Panda’s windscreen - it made quite a noise!

Race 2 started with a tightly packed grid side by side through turn 1 followed by Andy passing Adrian Norman efficiently through Charlies. Two spinners took Andy up to 6th and then the ABS failed resulting in a near miss on the back Michael Paul and going too deep in to Mansfield. Adrian managed to get his position back, the championship leader, Paul Manning came through after his spin and Andy held on for dear life with the now lame Panda to finish in P8.

Another challenging, exciting, emotional roller-coaster of a weekend!

Watch the highlights in the below video, like, subscribe and comment and hold on tight for the next instalment after Donington on 28th and 29th September.